Loyalty Rewards Program

Our Loyalty Rewards Program was designed to say "Thank You" to and reward our repeat and loyal customers.  All it takes to join the program is to create an account with us and begin accruing loyalty points as you purchase products from us starting with your first order!

Each product you buy earns you 'X' number of loyalty points.  Also, each product we carry has an equivalent value in "points" needed to buy/redeem it.  The more you buy from us, the more points you earn.  You can use those points to redeem products on our site.

As the above image shows, the product listing earns you 13 loyalty points!  Also, the product listing costs 60 loyalty points to redeem.  So if you have 60 points in your loyalty accounts, you won't need to pay $12.95 for the product, you get it for free by spending your loyalty points.